About Enoc Pharma

Enoc Pharma, founded by Pedro González and partners, is a private company that specialises in the research, development, manufacture and sale of liposomes and other bio-analogous nanostructures.

Our great potential is based on the high quality, versatility and resourcefulness of our technology, Advanced Liposomes. In addition, the wealth of experience we have amassed in more than 25 years of designing and producing liposomes has facilitated our research and development projects, which we control from start-up through to commercialization.

Enoc Pharma boasts an interdisciplinary environment that allows us to produce innovative products for very different uses in the fields of health, beauty and industry in general.

While our scope of application mainly covers the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and dietary sectors, the huge range of possibilities of our technology means we have also developed applications for other industrial sectors in which liposomes can offer significant solutions and advances, such as the food sector, fish farming, agriculture, textiles and construction.

At Enoc Cosmetics you will find our range of cosmetic products, developed using our proprietary method, Advanced Liposomes.

*All the facilities, processes and products of Enoc Pharma and Enoc Cosmetics comply with the quality standards of the pharmaceutical sector and industry in general.