Production Method

The manufacturing method of our products uses low energy and is based on the physical and chemical processes that the human body uses to produce its own membranes and vesicles. This production method, which is unique to Enoc Pharma, is simple, robust and very versatile.

The end product is an extremely high quality, uniform and stable liposomal suspension which complies with every pharmaceutical manufacturing requirement.


Characteristics of Enoc Pharma’s production method
  • It is standardized, reproducible, easily scalable and at a reasonable cost.
  • Option of working in inert atmospheres, at controlled temperatures and in closed circuits.
  • Option of encapsulation of a high range of active ingredients. Ideal for labile products, combinations of active ingredients and complex molecules.
  • Option of working at high lipid concentrations. Highly efficient encapsulation of water soluble substances.
  • Option of using phospholipids of different characteristics and properties.
  • Option of using unsaturated and polyunsaturated Omega 3 type phospholipids.
  • Natural composition, similar to that of the body’s own biological membranes, guaranteeing excellent compatibility with all biological structures and total assimilation by the body.
  • All the components usually used in production are GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe).
  • If necessary, we can use synthetic or semisynthetic phospholipids.
  • The liposomes are cholesterol-free unless specified otherwise by the client or required by the formulation.